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Virtual Yoga

Come join us in our journey to bring centuries of tradition into your home. Enroll in customized one-on-one yoga sessions with instructors conducted over Zoom. Unleash the power of your body and mind.
All it takes is an internet connection, a webcam, a computer or tablet, a large screen and a yoga mat.
It’s fun. It’s a workout. It’s designed just for you.

Back pain and stiffness in the morning?

Our gurus can work with you to increase your flexibility and stretch those tight muscles. With simple stretches and breathing, you will feel your body open up and become more flexible. The lower back and hips are an intricate set of muscles, and are generally the epicenter of all the pain and stiffness we feel in the morning. These muscles are hard to reach with massages and workouts. Yoga works on simple and deep stretches of these muscles to ease them out gently. Over time, you will feel the stiffness disappear and notice your posture and range of motion improve.

Sequestered at home during the pandemic?

These are extraordinary times. Gyms are closed and we're stuck at home with limited activity and breaks from the monotony. Join an online course or treat your loved ones to a course while you attend a meeting. Classes are completely customized to your needs and capabilities.

Bespoke. Like you.

Your yoga experience will be completely customized to meet your goals. Your guru will work with you to understand what you are looking for. This can range from increased flexibility to deep meditation to advanced yoga. Our gurus can draw from their years of experience and training to put together a session and guide you through it to ensure you’re completely satisfied. No two customers will have the same session because no two bodies are built the same.

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Session Bundles

Our one-on-one customized yoga sessions last 60 minutes. Our guru will work with you on how to warm up before the session starts, or incorporate warm ups in the session. All sessions end with our favorite asana… sharvasana… where you will spend about 10 minutes completely surrendering your body to gravity and relaxing. All sessions are conducted in English only. Our gurus will use the original Sanskrit names of asanas and pranayamas, but will also give you familiar nicknames for them for you to easily remember them. Be sure to look for promotions on our social media pages. We're always up to something!

Special 3 Session Bundle

No. of Session : 3
Per Session Cost : $ 20
Total Bundle Cost : $ 60
Session Duration : 60 Minutes

This bundle will only be available for the first 100 yoga enthusiasts who sign up! A perfect way to try out our offering and get started on your journey to a better you!

$ 20

12 Sessions 60 minutes each

No. of Session : 12
Per Session Cost : $ 20
Total Bundle Cost : $ 240
Session Duration : 60 Minutes

This is the recommended bundle to get you started on your journey towards a calmer, more centered you. If you are new to yoga and want to experiment, pick this bundle.

$ 20

24 Sessions 60 minutes each

No. of Session : 24
Per Session Cost : $ 20
Total Bundle Cost : $ 480
Session Duration : 60 Minutes

The best way to ensure good results and really get into yoga and all its benefits. 3 sessions a week over eight weeks is a good amount of time to see positive results.

$ 20

Virtual Yoga Provides Online Yoga Workout Sessions By Reputed Yoga Guru's across New York, Seattle, California, Florida, Washington & Los Angeles in USA